Industries We Serve

At Hacking Solutions, we are committed to providing you with reliable and professional services:

Aerospace & Defense

Hacking Solutions serves Aerospace & Defense with cyber security risk and meet all the technical, business and ethics due diligence requirements.


Hacking Solutions help banks, credit unions and others with network testing, and security program planning.


Hacking Solutions developed a framework implementation guide which is centered on healthcare firms to help reduce cyber risks.

Utilities / Oil & Gas

As a true full-circle cyber security solutions provider, we can design bespoke software to meet your unique requirements.

Homeland Security

Over the years, in the light of risk, we have been strengthening the security and resilience of cyberspace of homeland security.


Hacking Solutions helps manufacturing industry to improve cyber resilience and comply with the latest data security standards.


Hacking Solutions provide scalable, flexible solutions that adapt to educational needs and has made us trusted partner with educational institutions.


Hacking Solutions has developed an encrypted infrastructure that helps in preventing the most notorious cyber-security attacks around the world.