July 4, 2016

Mobile App Security


Mobilization has brought with it a lot convenience and freedom. However it has also drastically increased the attack surface of your company. Mobile devices and Apps are not just vulnerable to almost all the traditional exploits but also have a seemingly endless amount of unique vulnerabilities. To further complicate the process of securing your enterprise information the different mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Black Berry have their very own attack vectors.
To master this challenge we offer pentesters that have studied in detail the risks that mobile device bring with them. We will use the same techniques and methodology used by real world attackers, this will allow you to reliably assess your risk and prioritize your limited resources in the most effective way


  • Experienced professions that use and exceed industry standards.
  • Certified by the most prestigious institutions in the information security industry.
  • A methodology that is composed of manual and automated pentesting to get the best results.
  • You get a detailed report with all the vulnerabilities found and most importantly a detailed explanation on how to fix them.