July 4, 2016

Network Security


Networks are constantly under attack from increasingly sophisticated threats. To be able to prioritize your limited security resources you need to know exactly what systems and services are most likely to be targeted. Then you need to know what information can be extracted, modified or deleted by a non-authorized threat agent.
We will use the most advanced attack vectors used by real high profile crackers to verify that your network are capable of keeping hackers with nefarious intentions at bay.
Security product vendors my have assured you that their product will completely secure your infrastructure from all attackers. These products normally just catch the low hanging fruit and rarely stop a determined aggressor.


Check the security of your valuable information in the real world with a network pentest from Hacking Solutions.


  • Experienced professions that use and exceed industry standards.
  • Certified by the most prestigious institutions in the information security industry.
  • A methodology that is composed of manual and automated pentesting to get the best results.
  • You get a detailed report with all the vulnerabilities found and most importantly a detailed explanation on how to fix them.